The Changing Landscape of Advertising Agencies

I have probably read and re-read Bryan Zmijewski’s post “Silicon Valley Killed the Design Agency” over fifty times by now. I have found the post extremely interesting; hopeful and terrifying at the same time. Bryan’s post is a one of many that have cropped since October 2014 that has clued in more than a few agencies to sweeping changes in approach and perspective for any traditional agency operating in today’s industry. Continue reading

Dealing with Difficult Clients: Contracts

I work as a freelancer as well as full time digital art director. The biggest and most immediate difference between the two positions is that working as the art director; I have more layers of confusion added to client conversations. In any case, dealing with difficult clients requires poise, patience and transparency. Over the years, I have developed my own strategies for dealing with difficult client issues as well as adopting some preventative measures shared to me by colleagues and from various sites. In this first of a series of posts on dealing with difficult clients, I’m going to go over contracts. Continue reading

2014 Wrap Up

I really don’t enjoy unnecessary lists, but they work for a reason. People like small chunks of digestible content. Therefore, the best way for me to share some of my favorite and interesting items from 2014 is in a list. Continue reading

Presidential Review

At the end of 2013, I had no idea or inclinations, what 2014 would be like. Like everyone else going through life, I have had some major ups and downs. I’ve found someone who loves me and puts up with all of weirdness. I left from working in-house to go back to agency work. I’ve spoken at several Wordcamps and conferences for the first time. I revisited International House of Philadelphia, taking a trip back into the past. I had to say my last goodbyes to my grandfather. I’ve put myself out in the public more than I ever have before. I have taken that long, hard look in the mirror and asked myself tough, honest questions in an effort to align my thoughts and beliefs with my actions. This self-reflection and looking back has been good for me as I continue to progress, professionally and personally, in life. Continue reading

Interdisciplinary Interaction Design Conference

November is always a very busy month. There have been many projects that have been completed or near completion. Professionals are working hard to meet deadlines and clear their schedules as much as they can before the holiday season. Students have been busy in the fall semester getting projects finished (or not getting projects finished) and compiling that semesters massive load of laundry to bring home. The Fall is always busy. Continue reading

In Haus Kreativ

On a Saturday, if I don’t have to, I don’t wake up before 8am. Some of you might laugh and roll your eyes a bit and think that that is the life…and honestly…I’d agree with you. I don’t get to sleep in every Saturday. In fact, there are Saturdays I can’t wait to be up and out the door to get the day started.  Continue reading

File Under Creepy and Enigmatic

Last week was the week of Halloween and I was very busy trying to put together my own Batman costume, so this post is coming a bit later than normal. It’s outside the normal purview of my blog, but in the spirit of Halloween I wanted to talk about a book that has garnered global interest, amassed fierce controversy and has millions questioning what it is. Continue reading