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On a Saturday, if I don’t have to, I don’t wake up before 8am. Some of you might laugh and roll your eyes a bit and think that that is the life…and honestly…I’d agree with you. I don’t get to sleep in every Saturday. In fact, there are Saturdays I can’t wait to be up and out the door to get the day started.  Continue reading

Good Morning, Mr. President.

Every morning when I get into the office, I pour myself a big cup of coffee and I pull up a few regular tabs in my browser before I start the day. I have my standby’s always loaded. Continue reading

File Under Creepy and Enigmatic

Last week was the week of Halloween and I was very busy trying to put together my own Batman costume, so this post is coming a bit later than normal. It’s outside the normal purview of my blog, but in the spirit of Halloween I wanted to talk about a book that has garnered global interest, amassed fierce controversy and has millions questioning what it is. Continue reading

Moving Up

Moving up in the design industry has its share of perks and burdens. On the surface, the title of art director sure sounds pretty awesome when you make your introductions and hand them your business card. The title, art director, conjures up all sorts of respect and deference towards that person. It confers a level of responsibility and ingrained knowledge and wisdom towards their craft. While this is true, most outsiders may not realize that an art directors work is never done. A good art director may know the ins and outs of production, but they also work much more closely with clients and account executives which allows them to steer the helm of the creative team towards the development of an idea from beginning to end. For designers newly promoted to art directors, this can be a challenge. Continue reading

A Review on New Vector Drawing Programs

One of my favorite software tools to use is Adobe Illustrator. It’s my default application to take my initial sketches from the idea stage to a working composition. It can be very tempting to begin to play within Illustrator, but much of the time I will actually make thumbnail sketches and ideas on paper and either scan or photograph them to bring into Illustrator to begin pulling together my ideas into cohesive, editable options. When I first was introduce to Illustrator, it was back during the days of Adobe CS2 and from there I’ve jump every other version, going to CS4, and now with CS6. I use Adobe CC but I also still have a machine that uses only CS6. Continue reading

When The Man Comes Around

Imagine if you will…I’m 6’8”, right around 320 lbs. I’m no small guy. I’m fumbling over my introduction notes, making sure I memorize everything and practicing how it sounds as I softly recite a few takes. I’m standing right behind a white support pillar that is maybe 18” or 20” across up at the front of the room. I’m not exactly hidden. Continue reading

Open Design Process

When I first got involved with the open source community, I had plenty to learn. I delved into the philosophy of open source, the Creative Commons copyright licenses and other licenses as well as meaningful contribution to ideas, projects and products. WordPress was probably the first product I started using and understood as open source. Since then, I tried out hundreds of open source projects, products and software packages, thanks to amazing people who post projects to GitHub, LayerVault or make them available through their Dropbox account. Continue reading

Primary Healthcare Consultants

I’m always pumped when one of the client sites I’ve developed goes live. It still gets me excited to see something I worked on is out there for the public to interact with and utilize. Last week, I had that excitement happen again as Primary Healthcare Consultants was launched.  Continue reading

Building a Design Community

It’s about 5am when I started writing this post and already I’ve sent out more then a dozen emails reaching out to some those in my design community on behalf of AIGA Central PA. I’ve been working on planning an event with my good pals Bri Picarri and James Castanzo to do a presentation and panel discussion with in-house designers in Central Pennsylvania this November. I imagine by the time I get into the office, I will have sent off a few more. It’s nice to communicate via email today after a long week of meet ups, having lunch meetings and after work drinks with my peers in the industry. Emails equal less driving and more background music with Alexisonfire. Continue reading

Reforging a Commitment

I’ve been a long time advocate of the AIGA. Ever since I have been a student at Hussian School of Art, I thought it was important to be a part of a professional association for design. I poured over the AIGA website and read as much as I could about design, design thinking, application, theorems, and sustainability before I ever attended an actual event. That first event was a networking night at Roxy’s in Philly. Ever since that night, I felt even more affirmed that this was the field that I wanted to be in. Continue reading

We’re a Happy Family: Working with other Designers

Remember back in middle school and high school when you were assigned group projects and you couldn’t pick your group members? Unless you were grouped with other highly like-minded individuals who strived to get through this easily and with a good grade, you were kind of screwed. Having to depend on others to do their portion of a job, and do it correctly, is always an x-factor that you can’t control. Your work is judged and graded upon how your group’s ultimate end project performs, not by individual merits. It’s not in our nature to openly collaborate with others, it’s something that is learned and constantly adjusted as we work with others. One thing that middle and high school got right was that you’ll find yourself working with others in the rest of your life. Continue reading

The Value of Internships

I recently met with a teacher from Harrisburg University about the possibilities of an internship and what that experience would look like at my daytime firm PPO&S. We chatted about what Harrisburg University has to offer its students and what they want to provide for their students in the way of real world application of knowledge. This got me thinking a good bit about my own experiences being an intern and also running an internship program. For design students, of any discipline, a good internship can mean the difference in establishing your career. Continue reading

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