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My Open Source Design & Development Setup
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Open source is an ideology that is very dear to me and I wanted to build an open source only setup for my one computers running Ubuntu. Here’s what and how I did it.

For the Love of the Game
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She’s a crafty one, I thought. She’s double playing all of us. She makes me an offer for ultimate power and then offers it to the sky pirate, who consequently drank everything in my flask? Oh no. She’s going down. … Read More

New and Interesting Web Tools in 2015
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So, this one time at WordCamp Lancaster I started talking about using Macaw to build WordPress theme templates and I had four developers get up and walk out of my talk. I’m not sure if I should be proud or … Read More

Professional Associations
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It’s not hidden fact; I am very pro-AIGA. The reason for that is I believe in its mission to progress design and my interactions with people involved with AIGA has been very positive. Coupling my experiences and my personal alignment … Read More

Designing Typefaces
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When I was young and do bad things, my punishment was always to write. Fight with my sister? I’d have to write “I will not get into fights with my sister” over and over again. When I was, I hated … Read More

Little Landscapes
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When I was younger, I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. I wish I had more time to continue a weekly session of Dungeons and Dragons. I’m trying to make that shit happen. More Dungeons and Dragons…more roleplaying games … Read More

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This is not going to be a typical “Hey, I’m Back” post.

When You Wonder
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On the night before the AIGA Student Portfolio Review, I was downtown in Harrisburg with my good friend Jadrian. We both were enjoying the spring evening, eating pizza, while people watching on Second Street. Second Street in Harrisburg is a … Read More

Working and Living with Depression as a Designer
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Disclaimer: This will probably be the most personal of all my blog posts. This post isn’t geared towards web design practices, branding, WordPress related topics, design thinking or professional development. Nothing in this post is for students, professional constituents, or … Read More

Startups and Design
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There is no denying it; we are in a time where to found a startup all you really need is an idea. Capital, both financial and human, is easy to come by. Facility space of all types can be attained … Read More

Leave Only Footprints
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“Leave only footprints, take away memories” was the sign that hung above the doorway of the mess hall at Hidden Valley Camp Scout Reservation. I remember it well because one time, hopped up chocolate covered espresso beans at age 12, … Read More

Using Macaw to Build Responsive WordPress Themes
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I was an early adopter of Macaw, the code savvy web design tool. During their Kickstarter campaign, I believed we were finally hitting a point in web design were an intuitive visual design tool finally could create a solid code … Read More