So in case you are not familiar with MarcCom Awards.

“MarCom Awards is a creative competition for any individual or company involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers. The MarCom statuette graces the trophy cases of some of the top business and communication firms in the world.The MarCom competition has grown to perhaps the largest of its kind in the world with about 6,000 entries per year. A look at the winners shows a range in size from individuals to media conglomerates and Fortune 50 companies. The competition is so well thought of in the industry that national public relations organizations, local ad clubs, and local business communicator chapters are entrants.” – Marcom Awards About Page.

On November 5th, we received a letter from the MarCom Awards Team.

Rewind back to July 2012, I had been working at the PAFP for four months. Being the Graphic Design & Social Media Manager, I have many responsibilities and initiatives that I take each day to build up the PAFP brand and further our communications with healthcare industry professionals, physicians, students and residents, and the public. I created a how-to guide for using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the family physicians, and we had just published it on Issuu. I wasn’t sure how it would be recieved. To my surprise, it caught fire and became the nation’s leading manual on using social media as a primary care physician.

At the very same time, I came became interested in a twitter filter tool called Twylah. It breaks down all of your tweets, categorizes them into topics based off of your hashtags and keywords and basically creates a Twitter landing page for all of your tweets. I believed that it is a great resource for new followers to get a look at what you are tweeting about and what is important to you. I created our Twylah page, designed the page and unveiled it in our monthly staff meetings. It, also, gained a lot of significant exposure.

I entered both of these, along with our member magazine Keystone Physician and our prodigious website to the MarCom Awards to see how my work would stack up.

On November 5th, I got my answer.

Our Primary Care & Social Media Guide and our branded Twylah Page both won gold statuettes and our member magazine and website got honorable mentions.

First time entering this competition, winning two golds. Still completely stunned.

As part of the team on the PAFP and as the owner of Azrael Group, I am extremely happy and proud of our accomplishments.

You can find the social media guides here: PAFP Publications

PAFP Twylah Page: PAFP And Foundation

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November 13, 2012


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