363 days I wrote post called “2014 – A New Year”. In sticking with that tradition, this post is going to not only recap a few things from last year, but also lay out the path for posts this year.

The big news that most of you probably know already was that I was voted in as AIGA Central PA Chapter President. I have written several posts about my new responsibilities and mission, but I have to say that personally this has been a huge honor. The next two years I am focused on building the design community in Central Pennsylvania, through innovative and important programming, relevant workshops, monthly meet-ups and community engagement. My Creative Director Joe Knezic is usually baffled at how I maintain such a high level of schedules, meetings and work. My answer is typically coffee and lots of it. In part with AIGA, I have some really awesome people I am working with on the board of directors. These individuals give so much time and energy into our chapter and community that it would be impossible to do anything without them. I am truly appreciative of all of their hard work.

I left Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians in 2014 and moved back into the realm of advertising agencies. Now, I am the Digital Art Director at PPO&S, an integrated marketing communications firm in Downtown Harrisburg. In 2015, they are celebrating their 35th anniversary. That’s a pretty huge milestone for any agency and especially for one in Central Pennsylvania. Since joining their team, I have been helping to head up digital initiatives and capabilities as well as bring a fresh look at offerings that we can bring to our current clients and new prospects. It’s a pretty exciting time to be here. A new mandatory part of the creative department meetings is to bring our Nerf guns and use them as pointers on our whiteboards. We’re slowly building an arsenal of orange and blue foam darts.

My own company, Azrael Group, has been extremely busy. There are a number of long-term web development projects that I have been working on. Due to confidentiality agreements, I can’t announce them until they are all live. When that happens, I should have seven websites to showcase. I worked closely with my Communications Director, Michael Zigmund, at Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians to launch Primary Healthcare Consultants, a group of NCQA-certified PCMH and HIT specialists that are focused on helping physicians reach meaningful use through their electronic health record system.

WordPress work has been awesome. Today, I am unveiling new client work, Bitner Brothers Home Improvements. They are a small company based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and they are home improvement experts. I was approached by the in the fall of 2014 to create a new logo and website for them. Using WordPress, I created new site, creating a child theme based off of Arcade, which the client found. That theme is pretty solid and it gives the client a great deal of customization. A few new WordPress themes of my own are scheduled to come out in February. Much of my work regarding WordPress has been consulting and project management in 2014, which was a unexpected shift away from development, but not an unwelcome one. There are a number of WordCamps that I plan on attending in 2015 and hopefully I’ll get to speak at the 2015 WordCamp Lancaster.

I was going to launch of a line of products in 2014, but the dates of launch are pushed back to 2015 now. I have been super quiet on the topic and I know more than a few are anxious to see the unveiling. Don’t worry the project didn’t die. It took a longer then expected hibernation.

You’ll see in 2015 the continuation of a blog post once a week and a lot more posts on development, technical reviews and brand strategy. I’m shifting focus just a little bit and refining my process and after looking back on very eventful 2014. There has been talk about a podcast in 2015…so we’ll see. I see 2015 being an awesome year.

January 8, 2015


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