August 2016

AFI - Reinvention


July 4th, 1995. AFI releases Answer That and Stay Fashionable on Wingnut Records.

minimal lifestyle

Living Minimally, Continued

“This house is clean” – Tangina Barrons (Zelda Rubinstein) from Poltergeist.

minimal lifestyle

Living Minimally

Spring cleaning is every year, but now I make a monthly purge.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint and Healthcare UX

Imagine this. Six guys, five days, 1 concept, 22 webinar attendees. If I was to boil down the experience of my first multi-disciplinary design sprint into one word,…

challenge accepted

Challenge Accepted

Last week, I got engaged.

Inside Aspire Ventures

On Startups, Design, and Iteration

In April 2016, I joined the creative services team at Aspire Ventures in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I left the advertising agency world now for the third time and went…