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Things I learned as a [Insert Title]

Things I learned as a [Insert Title]

Call me a designer, front end developer/designer, hybrid, design technologist, product designer, unicorn, anarchist…just don’t call me ridiculous. Things I’ve learned as a [insert title].

AFI - Reinvention


July 4th, 1995. AFI releases Answer That and Stay Fashionable on Wingnut Records.

challenge accepted

Challenge Accepted

Last week, I got engaged.

Inside Aspire Ventures

On Startups, Design, and Iteration

In April 2016, I joined the creative services team at Aspire Ventures in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I left the advertising agency world now for the third time and went…

The Illusion of Switching from Web Design to UX Design

I started my career as a graphic designer with an emphasis on print. This is what I learned  at Hussian School of Art even though I knew then…

Kararnaeh Progress Post 1

Kararnaeh Progress Post 1

As promised, this post will be the first of many detailing the progress of my first ever official campaign setting that will be Pathfinder-compatible. If you are interested…

Startup and Design

Startups and Design

There is no denying it; we are in a time where to found a startup all you really need is an idea. Capital, both financial and human, is…

Pro Design Conferece

Pro Design Conference

Did you ever have an experience that rocked you back on your heels and made you reevaluate things in your life? Short of life changing events, those kinds…

Continuing Education for Designers

Whenever I discuss education, I usually begin with a big sigh. It can be a very tough and complex issue to discuss. There are many proponents of the…

The Changing Landscape of Advertising Agencies

I have probably read and re-read Bryan Zmijewski’s post “Silicon Valley Killed the Design Agency” over fifty times by now. I have found the post extremely interesting; hopeful…

Dealing with Difficult Clients: Contracts

I work as a freelancer as well as full time digital art director. The biggest and most immediate difference between the two positions is that working as the…

2015 – A New Year

363 days I wrote post called “2014 – A New Year”. In sticking with that tradition, this post is going to not only recap a few things from…