Three weeks ago, a chance message popped up in my LinkedIn inbox. It was from a colleague I met years ago who has worked for some of the area’s most productive ad agencies. She reached out to in regards to my interest in joining her new outfit as their new interaction designer. That firm was Sacunas.

As past president of AIGA Central PA, Sacunas was always one of those firms that I didn’t know much about. They are a B2B agency with a global footprint based in Harrisburg. That was pretty much it. I didn’t know anyone who worked there and I never met anyone who ever did. I knew a lot of the agency presidents and studio owners, but no one at Sacunas until my friend Alex reached out to me.

During the summer of 2015, Sacunas was purchased by a former client from TE Connectivity and has begun to reinvigorate the company. Since the acquisition, the company has more than doubled its footprint, earnings and has made huge inroads in the B2B market.  With an impressive long term plan, the company is poised to grow exponentially in 2016.

Coming in as the interaction designer, this will mark the third agency that I have worked at in my career. I have noticed a pattern of working in an agency setting to then working in-house, notable publications, healthcare and academia. Since I started at Sacunas, I have already seen the difference in how they operate compared to the last agencies that I have worked at. Sacunas CEO Adam Vasquez takes company culture incredibly important and has built a team based on openness, trust, expertise and fun. From his years of working in multinational corporations like Solera and TE Connectivity, he brings a fresh perspective and creative bent to the world of B2B. His enthusiasm and the team’s openness has been incredibly welcoming.

For me, leaving academia in the full time role I had is bittersweet. I believe in the mission of Harrisburg University and what they aim to achieve in becoming the number one STEM university in the country. My role with the university has changed slightly. I am now the remote webmaster for the university and I continue to develop new digital assets for the university from home now. It sounds like a lot of work, but honestly it’s been rewarding to have such a defined routine. The different work is rewarding in itself.

One part of my role at the university that I excited to continue is teaching in the interactive media program. I got my first taste of teaching this past semester in the information visualization class. I brought my design background to teaching the students how to tell visual stories with data. While my class was small, it was an incredible experience. Teaching is something I will continue to keep doing in the foreseeable future.

Working in B2B is very different from B2C and I am looking forward to contributing to an already stellar team at Sacunas.

December 11, 2015

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