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Looking towards 2016

Looking towards 2016

It’s been more than 2 months since I have written anything in my blog. I think it’s to change that.

Sacunas Integrated Marketing

Hello Sacunas

Three weeks ago, a chance message popped up in my LinkedIn inbox. It was from a colleague I met years ago who has worked for some of the…

WordCamp US Logo

WordCamp US

Last weekend, I spent several days in Philadelphia for the first ever WordCamp US. My experience was truly amazing.

The Illusion of Switching from Web Design to UX Design

I started my career as a graphic designer with an emphasis on print. This is what I learned  at Hussian School of Art even though I knew then…

Take a Break

Take a Break

As I recuperate from a recent surgery I am sitting at home and learning different skills on, listening to tunes on Spotify and drawing, and reading my…

Kararnaeh Progress Post 1

Kararnaeh Progress Post 1

As promised, this post will be the first of many detailing the progress of my first ever official campaign setting that will be Pathfinder-compatible. If you are interested…

Design Specifications for Developers

Every morning, I setup a schedule of tweets to go out throughout the work day on the hour, every hour. This way I can share cool stuff to…

No Devotion - Permanence

No Devotion

When I was high school, I discovered Lostprophets. I bought The Fake Sound of Progress in 9th grade and loved it. As I got older, I would drive…

The Importance of Side Interests - A man playing the drums.

The Importance of Side Interests

Side interests. You know, those things you like to do besides you work and side projects? Yea, those things. Those things that make you a well-rounded human being.

Martin's Chips

An Unlikely Branding Story: Martin’s Potato Chips

My parents moved my sister and I from Pittsburgh to Mechanicsburg in 1989. I was five years old. I vaguely remember riding in the car with my Grandma…

Bootstrap Studio Review

It seems every week there is a new custom editor coming out. I have been a big proponent of Macaw, even with its faults. Pinegrow has been an…


Buffer FTW

  Social media marketing management is no joke. When it’s done correctly with a plan in place to measure effectiveness, you can delve into amazing data to really…