As I recuperate from a recent surgery I am sitting at home and learning different skills on, listening to tunes on Spotify and drawing, and reading my new Pathfinder core rulebook. This morning, I see a tweet from my good friend Dave Brener with a link from Lifehacker about finding inspiration by stop working.

The article was a short snippet from a larger article originally published by Fast Company about Aziz Ansari on the importance of not being “A Crazy Workaholic”. While I think FastCompany is very hit or miss on its articles, I definitely do think this one is a hit. All too often, we rule our days by a system of work that leads us to believe if we are not productive and inspired 100% of the time, we are doomed for failure. Pressure, stress and the constant always being is not conducive to being inspired and creative.

It’s just as important to take a break, set some hard boundaries for your personal life and sanity as it is for your work life. Over and over again, I have heard from some of the industry’s top professional say the best advice they ever received and have given has been to take a break, walk away for a bit, and come back refreshed. Truer words haven’t been spoken.

So in honor of taking a break, this post is very short. Excuse me while I get back to tuning out.

November 18, 2015

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