Now that the dust has settled on the Dark Knight Trilogy a bit, I wanted to discuss the power of such an iconic logo.

Batman has been with us for 75 years and from the beginning the logo was something that creator Bob Kane knew to had be iconic and  extremely identifiable. As much as Batman is recognizable by his cowl, his car, his cape and his belt, his icon is his greatest asset.

Over the years, different artists and writers have reinterpreted and re-imagined the logo, but has always remained recognizable and pertinent to his character. There hasn’t been an iteration of Batman not sporting his logo on his chest.

Why is Batman such a popular character? For all intents and purposes, he is no different from you and I, except having more money then conceivable, and having the discipline that would make Buddhist monks look lazy.

Part of the answer is that, he is just like you and I. A normal man, with the same weakness and strengths. Batman represents hope in the worst possible of situations, and couple that ideology with a powerful image, then you have created a legend.

This video illustrates the various incarnation of Batman’s logo.

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August 23, 2012

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